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More Than 30 Years of Experience

You can visit Associates of Maple Podiatry for quality medical care. Our team is prepared to take care of your podiatric issues.

Podiatric services

You can come to our team when you have issues with anything below your ankles. We are here to help you.

Arthritis treatments

If you are struggling with arthritis or any kind of foot deformities, we can help. Contact us today to learn your options.

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About Dr. Wallace

Dr. Wallace was formerly in charge of the residency program at Franklin Hospital from 1994–2000 and a director of podiatric medical education there. You can trust our doctor to provide you with the highest quality of work you can get from a professional.  Dr. John Wallace is a board-certified podiatrist physician and designs medical implants. With a lot of experience and a friendly, professional staff, we know how to help you.